Raising Capital

MG Associates capital raising services can help companies across a range of industries and sectors improve their access to capital. Our customized capital raising services are specifically tailored to your company’s unique needs and ambitions while our flexible hybrid capital raising solutions maximize your access to capital. From companies who want to raise capital without going public to companies who want to issue private securities, our experts’ knowledge and experience are diverse enough to meet any company’s needs.

• Comprehensive Planning
A crucial component of raising capital is accurately forecasting your business’s capital needs. As part of our capital raising services, we can help your company accurately plan and predict both its short-term and long-term capital needs, as well as offer advice on the most appropriate capital types and structure to help your company minimize risks and maximize profits.

• Effective Marketing
When it comes to raising capital, effective marketing is critical. MG Associates can help your company identify and successfully market to potential sources of capital. This includes venture capitalists, hedge funds, investment banks, commercial lenders, and more. Our experts will manage meetings with potential investors and develop effective and compelling investor presentations to maximize your chances of success.

• Better Funding
We understand that not all funding opportunities are created equally. The goal of MG Associates capital raising services is to improve your access to better funds by helping you better identify the most advantageous opportunities for your business and helping you secure them.