Company Sales / Exit Strategies

When a company is undergoing a transition in ownership as a result of a merger or acquisition, an initial public buyout, or a company sale, a comprehensive exit strategy is critical. MG Associates comprehensive exit strategy and transition management services can help make even the most radical of transitions go smoothly. Our financial experts can guide you through this complex, time-consuming process to ensure that you maximize value and minimize risk.

• Seller Representation
If you need help selling your company, contact MG Associates. Our team of experts will work to accurately ascertain the value of your company, identify any marketability gaps, and minimize financial risks. By working to increase your enterprise value and marketability, MG Associates can position your company to attract more, better-qualified buyers.

• Comprehensive Exit Planning
Our comprehensive exit planning services can help you most effectively control when and how to exit your business in order to maximize value, minimize risk, and preserve wealth. We can help select the best transfer or sale option.

• Negotiations and Closing
Once you have an exit plan in place, MG Associates can help with negotiations and closure, to transition ownership of your company. Our experts can guide you through some of the most complex phases of this process, including due diligence, financing, definitive document preparation, ancillary agreements and escrow ensuring that adequate progress is made during every stage.