Business Plans

Whether you are starting up a new business, expanding a current business, or attempting to turn around a business in decline, MG Associates can assist you in developing a business plan that will help you expand your business and improve its financial security. As part of our comprehensive business plan services, MG Associates can help you to:

• Identify target consumers
In order to succeed, all businesses need to know whom they are targeting. MG Associates can help you identify target consumers through comprehensive market analysis.

• Estimate anticipated costs
We can help you identify costs related to staffing, equipment, property, and more so that you have a clear understanding of expenditure.

• Develop marketing plans
All businesses need a marketing plan. As part of our business plan services, we can help you figure where to market and whom to market to in order to maximize the ROI of your marketing spend.

• Build a financial timeline
A financial timeline with key milestones and objects helps you stay on track and monitor your progress.